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Under the Stethoscope: Examining the Anatomy of Med School Admissions

Your guide through the complex anatomy of the admissions process, offering expert advice and insider knowledge to navigate with confidence.

Under the Stethoscope: Demystifying Medical School Admissions

Navigate the admissions maze with expert advice and insider knowledge to confidently guide you through the complex med school admissions process.

Pre-med students in class
How Med Schools Evaluate Your Application: Secrets Unveiled
The Must-Knows of Medical School Requirements
Your Pre-Med Journey: Is a Gap Year Right For You?
Building Your Support System: Engaging Parents & Counselors
The Evolution of Medical Education: Trends to Watch
The Art of the Personal Statement: Telling Your Unique Story
The Art of the Personal Statement: Introductions
The Art of the Personal Statement: Show, Don’t Tell
The Art of the Personal Statement: Mechanics
Addressing AMCAS Activities Strategies for Success
Frequently Asked Questions for AMCAS Programs
Secondary Applications: Strategies for Success
Applying using the different med school applications: AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS
Diversity in Medicine: Highlighting Your Unique Background
Application Timing: When to Apply for Optimal Results
Securing Strong Letters of Recommendation: A How-To    
Choosing Your Med School: Crafting a Balanced List
Choosing Your Med School: In State Versus Out of State
Choosing Your Med School: GPA/MCAT Requirements
Choosing Your Med School: International Candidates
Choosing Your Med School: Mission Statements, Rankings and Fit
Is Med School Right for You? A Self-Assessment Guide
MD vs DO: Understanding the Differences and Deciding Your Path    
BS/MD: Accelerated Paths to Medicine
Alternative Health Careers: Exploring Other Options in Healthcare
Choosing the Right Pre-Med Major: A Strategic Guide
What do I need to keep in mind as a pre-med undergrad?
Balancing Work, Life, and Pre-Med Activities
Leadership Roles: Developing Yourself
Research Opportunities: Getting Involved in Science    
Volunteering: Finding Meaningful Experiences and Demonstrating Altruism
Clinical Experience: Gaining First-hand Insight    
Is Reapplying to Medical School Normal?  
Timing: When to Consider Reapplying to Medical School  
Critical Analysis of Your Med School Application  
Adding Extracurriculars to Enhance Your Reapplication
Using Special Masters Programs (SMP) to Improve your Application
What to Change or Add When Reapplying to Medical School
The Importance of the Med School Interview
Virtual vs Traditional Interviews
The Traditional Interview
Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)
How to Prepare for Your Med School Interview
How to Excel at Your Med School Interview: Interview Etiquette
Virtual Assesments
Post-Interview Etiquette: What to do While You Wait
Decision Time: Evaluating and Choosing Offers
Looking Ahead: Planning Your Medical Career Path
From Pre-Med to Med Student: The Essential Transition
Financing Your Medical Education: Scholoarshps and Loans
Time Management Skills for the Busy Med Student
Building a Support Network and Maintaining Wellness in Medical School
MCAT Resources
MCAT Retakes
Is International Medical School Right for You?