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Beyond Shadowing: A Virtual Clinical Education

It can be difficult to accumulate the shadowing hours needed to get accepted into medical school, especially in variety of specialties. That’s why we collaborated with more than 25 of the world’s best doctors to give you a behind-the-scenes look at almost every specialty.

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Shadowing should never be done just for your resume. It should be done to improve your understanding of the field of medicine, interact with patients, and learn from mentors.

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Hours of Shadowing

Add Hours to Your Resume While Learning Case Based Medicine

Yes! At MedSchoolCoach, our mission is to enhance the learning of the future generation of physicians. While we have paid programs to work one-on-one with our physician mentors, we believe everyone should have access to learn about the amazing career of medicine.

Yes. Upon successful completion of each learning module, you'll be able to download a personalized Certificate of Completion.

When adding your virtual shadowing hours to your application, use the following contact information:

Dr. Sahil Mehta
CEO/Founder of MedSchoolCoach
Tel: 888-381-9509

We've designed the Virtual Clinical Education to be more than just "shadowing." While we cannot replicate the experience of going into the operating room or being in an exam room with a patient, we've incorporated actual high yield clinical learning with case-based education. We know medical schools will look far more positively upon case-based clinical learning than the typical "online shadowing" experience.

Yes! We understand the most important part of the entire process is interacting with the doctor, so we'll occasionally host online sessions to ask your questions live!

It's never too early (or too late) to start shadowing. No matter where you are on your journey to becoming a doctor, Virtual Clinical Education can offer incredible insights into the daily life of a doctor and the various specialties you can pursue.

Feeling Out the Life of an Anesthesiologist.

Are you interested in the specialty of anesthesiology? Dive into anesthesiology shadowing and learn from an online lecture, interactive discussions, and presentations by a practicing anesthesiologist.

Art of Breast Surgical Oncology: Saving Lives with Precision

Join Dr. Bonev,  as she shares insights and expertise on precision surgical interventions in the fight against breast cancer. Discover the art of saving lives through this immersive journey.

Take a Beat to Learn About the Life of a Cardiologist.

What does a day in the life of a cardiologist look like? While shadowing in interventional cardiology you will learn about procedures such as coronary artery stenting, and interact with a physician practicing in the field.

A Look at the Mind of a Child Neurologist.

What exactly does child neurology entail? During child neurology shadowing, you’ll learn about the treatment of children with nervous system concerns, and engage with an experienced specialist in the field.

More than Skin Deep: The Life of a Dermatologist.

Are you interested in treating the skin, hair and nails? Dermatology shadowing gives you the chance to take a closer look at this profession, and learn from one of its best practitioners.

An Inside Look at Life as a Diagnostic Radiologist.

Diagnostic radiology shadowing explores the life of a physician who uses imaging procedures to diagnose illnesses. In this course, you’ll see both patients and doctors in action.

Stayin' Alive – A Glimpse into Emergency Medicine.

Are you curious about the fast-paced world of emergency medicine? Observe, ask questions and receive mentorship from a physician during our emergency medicine shadowing course.

All in the Family: A Look into Family Medicine.

Do you aspire to be the type of doctor who takes care of people of all ages? Family medicine shadowing is the perfect course for learning what this entails and excelling in the subject matter.

Digest the day in the life of a Gastroenterologist

Learn more about the life of a doctor working as a gastroenterologist. Learn about diagnostic, therapeutic, and other endoscopic procedures during gastroenterology shadowing. 

Scrub in for a Look at Life as a General Surgeon.

If you are interested in what goes on in surgery, don’t miss our general surgery shadowing course. Here you’ll learn exactly what this specialty entails, and interact with a practicing surgeon.

Everything About the Daily Life as an Internist.

Internal medicine shadowing allows you to explore the daily life of a doctor who treats internal diseases. This course is perfect for pre-med students with a particular interest in this specialty.

Imaging the Work of an Interventional Radiologist.

Interact with an experienced interventional radiologist, take part in discussions and gain incredible knowledge from a series of lectures during the interventional radiology shadowing course.

Do a little bit of everything in Med-Peds.

Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics physician describes in detail several cases they’ve handled. Shadow Dr. Natarajan and learn what they do on a daily basis in Med-Peds.

Get Inside the Mind of a Neurological Surgeon.

Closely follow a neurological surgeon as they explain in detail several cases of diseases that affect the entire nervous system. Learn what surgeons do to treat those diseases.

Delivering a Look in the Life of an Ob-Gyn.

Shadow a gynecologist as they explain in detail how they care for their pregnant and non-pregnant patients. Learn what Ob-Gyn specialists to promote female health.

Everything About a Life in Oncology-Hematology.

Oncology-hematology is the combined practice of the study of blood physiology and the study of cancer. Shadow here, and you will learn from a physician how why these studies are combined.

Take a Look at the Life of an Ophthalmologist.

See into the world of eye care with our ophthalmology shadowing module. Whether you are planning to pursue this field, or you’re simply interested in learning more, this is the course for you.

Make No Bones About the Life of an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Orthopaedic surgeons work with people with a wide range of ailments, from birth defects to sports injuries. Shadow here, and you will learn from a practicing physician how to treat these paitients.

Heads Up. Learn About the Life of an Otolaryngologist.

Also known as ENT, our otolaryngology shadowing module brings you closer to understanding this specialty. Here, you’ll learn from an expert in the field who has spent years learning the subject.

The Cause and Effect of Life of a Pathologist.

Pathology shadowing gives you a fascinating look at the study of disease and, more interestingly, the life of a pathologist. Start your online participation today with our qualified doctor.

Mature Your Knowledge About Life as a Pediatrician.

Pediatric shadowing gives you a first-hand look at the daily live of a pediatrician working in hematology-oncology at a children’s hospital. Start shadowing online with a world-class doctor.

Work Out the Life in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Through physical medicine shadowing, you can learn some of the unique ways doctors are improving people’s lives. Be inspired and learn from a passionate physician that has years of knowledge!

Form and Function: The World of Plastic Surgery.

While shadowing in plastic surgery you can learn how techniques like grafts and flaps can improve the lives of patients. With this online discussion, you will get an inside look at the specialty.

How do you Feel: The Life of a Psychiatrist.

Take an in-depth look at the career of a psychiatrist through psychiatry shadowing. From online lectures to discussions, you’ll learn exactly what this specialty entails.

Invisible Treatment, Visible Care: Radiation Oncology.

Learn how physicians are using radiation therapy to treat cancer patients, and what it takes to be this kind of physician with our online radiation oncology shadowing course.

Urine Good Hands: The Life of a Urologist.

Whether or not you want to be a urologist, urology shadowing is a fascinating experience. Get a glimpse into the daily life of a urologist, ask questions and learn from lectures.

Put Your Heart into the Life of a Vascular Surgeon.

What exactly does it mean to be a vascular surgeon? Have all of your questions answered during your online vascular surgery shadowing. Register for free today!

Virtual Clinical Education – A New Approach to Shadowing

Limited access to hospitals and health clinics doesn’t have to get in the way of your dreams of going to med school. You can still put together a stellar application, complete with clinical shadowing. With virtual clinical education, pre-med students can still take part in the enriching experience of interacting with a physician in a specialized field, along with their patients. Students will have the chance to ask questions and shadow the physician as they go through their day-to-day, all while adding hours to their resume or medical school application.

With a team of over 20 excellent doctors, our specialty shadowing course is designed to give you an insightful look into the lives of doctors in various specializations. We believe that every pre-med student deserves to know what their future looks like. Doctor shadowing is a wonderful way to gain a better understanding of medicine, be inspired by the stories of others, and confirm your love for this career. Not only will you be enhancing your application, but you’ll also be part of an unforgettable experience.

While it’s not exactly the same as in-person shadowing, online shadowing can be just as beneficial. You’ll be able to spend time with physicians in the operating room, consultation room, and more. Whether your interest is dermatology, neurology, or psychiatry, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to explore.

The MedSchoolCoach online medical specialty shadowing counts towards your hours of clinical experience. By dividing the courses into modules, we’ve ensured that you have a wide range of learning opportunities and that every second you spend learning and engaging is counted. Each module includes a quiz to make sure that you’re learning as much as you can. Once completed, a module earns you a certificate so that you have something to show for your time, effort, and experience.

The best part? Our online shadowing course is completely free! It’s accessible to every student who wants to immerse themselves in the exciting world of medicine. Whether you are absolutely certain about going to medical school, or you still have some unanswered questions, you’ll gain more than you bargained for.

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