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Reapplying to Medical School

Prepare to reapply with confidence using our expert-led course, “Reapplying to Medical School.” Join Dr. Sahil Mehta and Dr. Renee Marinelli as they provide actionable strategies and insights to enhance your application. 

Explore the chapters in this lesson:

Is Reapplying to Medical School Normal?

Dr. Mehta and Dr. Marinelli address common concerns about reapplication, emphasizing that it is a normal part of many applicants’ journeys. Learn how to improve your application and boost your chances of acceptance.

Critical Analysis of Your Med School Application

Evaluate your previous application to identify areas for improvement. Dr. Mehta and Dr. Marinelli guide you through analyzing academics, extracurriculars, personal statements, and interviews to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Adding Extracurriculars to Enhance Your Reapplication

Discover the importance of meaningful extracurricular involvement. Gain tips on selecting activities that align with your career goals and demonstrate leadership, significantly enhancing your application profile.

Using Special Masters Programs (SMP) to Improve Your Application

Explore the benefits of Special Masters Programs to enhance your academic credentials. Dr. Mehta and Dr. Marinelli discuss how SMPs can boost your GPA, provide advanced knowledge, and show your commitment to medicine.

What to Change or Add When Reapplying to Medical School

Learn strategic approaches to updating your application. Get guidance on revising personal statements, obtaining new recommendation letters, improving academic records, and gaining additional clinical experience to create a stronger application.

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